Sea Lion on Sea Doo

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    Here are some photos taken with my treo 700 of a Sea Lion that joined me on my Sea Doo about 5 miles off the coast of Ventura CA
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August 05, 2008



I noticed this in the London store a few weeks ago, but didn't think to ask if there were any plans for a custom iPod touch app to replace it. I'd expect there are, but maybe they're short on developers, what with needing to ship Texas Hold 'Em.

Apple is a consumer based company. They use the windows device because it is rugged and can with stand drops. It is great to see apple doing what apple does best and allowing other companies to compliment them in serving their customers. Nothing but noise on this. By the way, Microsoft invested in Apple when it almost went out business cuz Scully blew it with Newton!

More than 90% of users on the web now should be grateful that softy sublicensed to dell, compaq (new hp), gateway and others to allow us common folks to afford a computer. Respect should be given to microsoft for past good deeds.

GNU gopher.

They've been using the Symbol handhelds since before Christmas- can't believe no one picked up on this before.

Yeah I'm kind of glad to see them being agnostic and practical here. Steve himself was still using a Windows NT laptop when he came back to Apple. Pixar uses Linux servers as well as Apple ones in their render farm.

And even though they tried to outlaw it before it became too overwhelming, Microsoft lets you come to work with iPods. ;)

Smart - Apple is just using something that they did not have to invent to get a job done. Bravo.

Steve Jobs has a Windows tatoo on his butt - who knew?


Apple makes products for a particular niche; primarily consumers. They're not targeting retail and corporate customers (not yet anyways), so if running their own operation requires using products from a different company, so be it.

You're missing the point of business as a whole, if you assume Apple has to only use Apple products in every segment of their operations.

Yeah, deep down, Jobs and Gates are bedmates.

ifoAppleStore reported on the use of Windows-based Symbol handheld devices for Apple's Easy Pay retail program back in 2005:

I wish all retailers, restaurants—everyone—provided an option to receive a receipt via email.

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