Sea Lion on Sea Doo

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    Here are some photos taken with my treo 700 of a Sea Lion that joined me on my Sea Doo about 5 miles off the coast of Ventura CA
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November 26, 2008


If the iPhone is the last man standing, it'll be because the market leaders keep damaging themselves.

I loved the PalmOS as much as you. They had a tremendous lead, but their OS has been in limbo for years. Microsoft keeps trying to jam a full OS into its phones. And now Blackberry launches this mess.

I completely agree with this post. I have just been playing with a Storm and the keyboard and UI are just not that great. I also am I heavy email person and cannot actually work without my Curve. But RIM launched the BOLD in order to go down it's BB natural progression. They launched the STORM to compete with the UI of iPhone and see if they can stop BB users from switching or maybe steal a tiny bit of their market share from the "on the fence" people. While it is easy to agree, did they make a mistake putting a device out there? At least the Android HTC phone is a mixture of the two from a true UI experience. Even though the handset itself isn't all that great and the OS is clunky. I am not convinced of anything, and while a agree with the post,I have been actually trying to buy a Storm and can't find a store that is not out of stock.

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