Sea Lion on Sea Doo

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    Here are some photos taken with my treo 700 of a Sea Lion that joined me on my Sea Doo about 5 miles off the coast of Ventura CA
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November 09, 2008


Non-conformity is cool when you're in high school. Intentionally non-conforming as a grown-up at places with an established dress code is a sign of disrespect and puerile. You are the one who looked foolish, not the Riviera.

I allow open comments so I welcome your opinion. If you were to read my blog again you would find that I did not know about the rule before getting there.

The being said I still find the rule ridiculous especially since they let you violate it by putting dorky sweatpants over your jeans.

As for you my friend. You should take that stick out of your ass and start having some fun before you sit down and it breaks in two with part of it still inside of you. Dude, I dont want to party with you

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