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Richard Wolpert

Mr. Wolpert has been a pioneer in the fields of consumer digital media and entertainment for more than 20 years.

Mr. Wolpert serves as an Executive Strategic Advisor to Rob Glaser, Chairman and CEO of RealNetworks. In this capacity Mr. Wolpert helps RealNetworks to continue the vision he helped pioneer while he was an officer with the company. In addition Mr. Wolpert serves as a Venture Advisor to Accel Partners helping them expand their portfolio in the area of consumer Internet and digital media. Mr. Wolpert also manages his personal angel investment portfolio under Chance Technologies

Mr. Wolpert served as the Chief Strategy Officer of RealNetworks from 2000-2005. During this time Mr. Wolpert lead RealNetworks’ transition from a technology company to a consumer services/digital media company by operating the RealNetworks’ Consumer businesses and growing those businesses from a run rate of under $100M to profitable businesses with a run rate of more than $250M in under two years. In addition to his executive responsibilities at RealNetworks, Mr. Wolpert was the key deal person on RealNetworks largest transactions including the $761M settlement with Microsoft, a joint venture with 3 of the world’s largest music labels called MusicNet, and the acquisition of

Mr. Wolpert is the founder of Chance Technologies, Inc., a personal technology development and angel investment portfolio focused on technologically and media driven ventures. Mr. Wolpert has invested in over 30 startup companies over the last 10 years including GameSpy, AudioMill, Kongregate, OGPlanet, GameFly, Smilebox, MetaCafe, Universal Audio, AndroMedia, Zetta Systems, Digital Map Products, and Goodmail Systems. Chance Technologies, Inc. was formed in 1994.

Mr. Wolpert served as president of Disney Online from 1996-1998, where he was responsible for the business and creative strategy for the company. During his tenure, Mr. Wolpert oversaw all aspects of Disney Online’s Internet initiatives including the Web’s most popular family Web site,, as well as the development and successful operation of The Disney Store Online, Disney’s prosperous e-commerce business, and Disney’s Daily Blast.

From 1984-1994 Mr. Wolpert founded and developed several thriving technology companies including After Hours Software, Bit Jugglers, Mind Over Technology, among others. Many of these companies have since successfully merged with, or were acquired by industry giants such as Adobe Systems, Compaq and Knowledge Universe. Mr. Wolpert began his career at Apple Computer in 1984, where he was involved in the early development of the Macintosh.

Mr. Wolpert is a board member for the LA Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America where Mr. Wolpert is the Founder of CCFA’s camps. Mr. Wolpert also serves on the board of the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television. Mr. Wolpert earned his degree in math and computer science at the University of California, Los Angeles.


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