Sea Lion on Sea Doo

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    Here are some photos taken with my treo 700 of a Sea Lion that joined me on my Sea Doo about 5 miles off the coast of Ventura CA
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November 25, 2007


NOKR Updated: 11-25-2007

Reconnecting Families and Individuals
About 10,000 people fled their homes in the Malibu area ahead of the flames.

● Gov. Schwarzenegger: State of emergency has been reactivated
● Fire has burned 4,650 acres, but is 25 percent contained
● Fire started on a dirt road next to a paved highway in the Corral Canyon area
● About 1,700 firefighters, 23 aircraft battling the wildfire
● The fire destroyed 51 homes and damaged 27 as of Saturday evening 11/24

NOKR is asking anyone that may have a missing or potentially injured family member due to the Wildfires situation in Malibu, California or the surrounding area to register this person with the Next of Kin Registry.
Register at:

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