Sea Lion on Sea Doo

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    Here are some photos taken with my treo 700 of a Sea Lion that joined me on my Sea Doo about 5 miles off the coast of Ventura CA
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May 29, 2008


I'm so glad that you laid out these excellent rules! I hope they catch on...

A like this rule a lot. I will try and promote the concept as well on my web site where people complain where their cell phone frequently drops.

After yet another dropped call from a friend who calls on his commute home in suburban New Jersey, I thought about issuing the same edict. It's the latest version of telephone tag, and only the cellphone companies win. Thanks for beating me to the punch!

There is perhaps one exception; if both are fairly certain that one of them is known to have a less expensive way of returning the call, then a few extra moments should be left reserved to give them an opportunity to do so.

This plan has a name: Dave's Disconnect Dilemma:

Thanks for sharing the plan. I wish more people would follow it, it drives me nuts playing phone tag.

He who calls, returns the call.


No, no, no. This is not the way. Always the person who dropped the call should make the call back. The Scovill Protocol (what this is called) is very clear because you don't know how long the droppers going to be out of range (it could be short tunnel) or a long ride in an elevator.

Please stick to the Scovill Protocol - whoever dropped the call makes the call back. The droppee (is that a word?) waits.

I agree, The Scovill Protocol is much better! Usually the person making the call has a good connection; that is why they are making calls. The "dead" phone should make the call to avoid the problem.

There is the unlikely situation where both callers drop, but that is really, really rare. Not only should it be followed, but you have to tell everyone every time it happens.

Yeah! I definitely agree with your rules. Everyone should be aware about this. coz it is frequently happen to anyone.


The Scovill Protocol doesn't work because you don't always know which line dropped the call.

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